restructuring care products for healthy hair

integrity murumuru

nourishing muru muru butter

Nourishing muru oil for normal and coarse hair. Provides in-depth treatment of hair with unique blend of plant extracts It nourishes the hair before the first application and leaves the hair soft and shiny. Usage: Before shampooing, apply evenly to the length and ends of dry hair, massage and feed, leave for 3-5 minutes. Wash your hair with Integrity nourishing shampoo and continue with the best milk_shake® integrity care for your hair.

integrity booster


A concentrated nourishing product for normal and fine hair. Wheat and rice proteins in its structure restructures and strengthens damaged and chemically treated hair and maintains hair color. Contains organic wax muru oil with softening and nourishing effect.
Usage: shake well, dry evenly to the lengths and ends of dry hair, blow dry the hair and then wash with integrity nourishing shampoo.

integrity shampoo

nourishing shampoo

It cleans the hair gently with its formula which does not contain salt and sulphate, nourishes and softens the hair with its muru muru oil, prevents the electrification in the hair and leaves the hair soft and shiny.
Usage: apply evenly to wet hair, froth and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

integrity conditioner

nourishing conditioner

Designed to nourish and soften all hair types while maintaining hair color. Organic muru oil with a softening effect has a deep nourishing effect.
Usage: Apply evenly to wet and clean hair. After 2-3 minutes, scan and rinse.

integrity intensive treatment

intensive treatment

Thanks to its special formula, it nourishes the hair deeply and prevents the hair from becoming electrified. Seals the hair cuticle, leaving the hair soft, shiny and easy to handle, while maintaining the color of the hair.
Usage: apply evenly to clean hair and massage to feed. After waiting 3-5 minutes, scan and rinse. For very damaged hair, leave it under the heat source with a cap for 5 minutes. Allow to cool and rinse.

integrity incredible oil

incredible oil

An intensive rinse-off treatment oil formulated to prevent & repair broken hair ends It forms a protective film against heat-damaging heat appliances, nourishes, strengthens, makes it easy to handle and softens.
Usage: Apply evenly to clean, towel-dried hair. Dry the hair or shape it as you wish. This incredible oil can also be used to add shine to dry hair and beautify the color of the hair.

integrity leave in

leave in

Natural rinsing care spray enriched with amino acids containing keratin, proteins and hyaluronic acid. It strengthens the hair without weighting it and makes it easy to cope.
Usage: from the roots of the hair to the ends, especially in the most damaged areas, concentrating. Shape as you wish.