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increase the quality of life with our brands and our service quality​

Our story started in Istanbul in 2015. The brands we represent as Sunrino Cosmetics are also offered for sale in thousands of pharmacies, beauty shops, organic markets, hotels, online stores and cosmetic stores. Sunrino leads a small revolution in the cosmetics and personal care industry. It aims to generate profit for all parties by establishing a strong supplier – seller – consumer chain. It makes investments that will contribute to increase the quality of life of the society with its product and service quality and support the development of the sector in the long term.

Our Mission

Our mission as Sunrino Cosmetics is to establish a strong chain of supplier-dealer-consumer relationship in the field of personal care, creating surplus for all sides; to contribute to raising the life quality of society with product and service quality, and support the development of the sector in the long run. Sunrino Cosmetics brings the target groups together with its products utilising the pharmacy, perfumery, hair salon, and health & beauty sales channels.

The most important point for Sunrino Cosmetics is that the customers use the most beneficial products for themselves, get the best possible results and be happy. One of the main sources of excitement for us is our motivation to constantly increase the product and service quality; another one is our passion to detect the deficiencies society face due to lack of means and take on the social responsibility initiatives to become a part of the chain of serving humanity. 

Our job is to produce happiness by supplying the market the best way with products that do not harm the environment when they are produced and do not harm people when they are consumed. Becoming a part of CSR projects for a better and a healthier world holds the lion share of the SUNRINO enthusiasm.

Our Vision

Sunrino Cosmetics is a company with the ethos of serving to the community by supplying products which people need for personal care within the principles of delivering healthy content, respecting nature and human beings and providing unconditioned customer satisfaction. It aims at offering cosmetics and personal care products which satisfy this principles to people through various channels by procuring them from the most trustworthy manufacturers, while being concerned with the best interest of society.

Despite being a recently-founded company, Sunrino Cosmetics, with its experienced administrative and active work team who have been in this business for many years, stands as a trusted and dynamic supplier that carries the quality of service higher in this sector.

Adding quality to life with Sunrino products

Gürsoy Sabitoğulları graduated from Hacettepe University Food Engineering Department, started his business life in 1998. He worked for 15 years in the Sales Store Management and Category Purchasing Trade Management Departments of national retailers such as Migros and Gratis, respectively. Then, he worked for 3 years in brand marketing and trade management positions in importing companies that supply worldwide personal care brands to the pharmacy market.

In 2016, he established his own business by opening Sunrino, together with Barış Kılıçaslan, as a founding partner.

Gürsoy Sabitoğulları, speaks English, is married and has two children.

Following the highest standards of Beauty

Barış Kılıçaslan, born in Amasya in 1984, is married and has two children. He started his business life in 2005. In the fields of luxury cosmetics, retail industry, pharmacy cosmetics and personal care; he has worked for 10 years in various positions such as sales, marketing, customer management and brand positioning.

Then, after market research, he founded Sunrino Kozmetik in 2015 with a different perspective on the Turkish cosmetics and personal care industry.

Then, in 2016, he continues his business life as a Founding Partner of Sunrino with a new structure together with Gürsoy Sabitoğulları.

Products are offered for sale in pharmacies, beauty shops, organic markets, hotels, online stores and cosmetic stores