Furry Family offers healthy dog food and shampoo, focusing on nourishing while locally produced products in Sweden. REF x Furry Family is a collaboration where expertise within product development meets the passionate love for animals and sustainability. The 100% vegan cleansing products are based on REF’s Nature + Science concept which gives pet owners the absolute best for their furry friends.

Natural Pet Shampoo

Furry Family Natural Pet Shampoo is formulated with special blend of botanical extracts and vegetable proteins. It gently cleanses while soothing dry skin and coats.

Natural Pet Conditioner

Furry Family Natural Pet Conditioner has all-natural ingredients which untangle and nourish any coat. Including avocado oil which moisturizes dry skin and gives the coat a soft feel.

Natural Pet Spray Conditioner

Furry Family Natural pet Spray Conditioner softens and detangles your pet’s coat which makes brushing and combing super-easy. The product includes avocado oil to nourish and almond oil to soften the coat.

100% VEGAN


Furry Family produces
healthy products for dogs

Furry Family is a group of active dog owners who love their pets. What they have in common, apart from their dogs, is that they like to exercise, take care of themselves and eat good and healthy food. Climate compensation as far as possible is a matter of course for them, just like carefully examining what they put into themselves. On several occasions, the question has come up at the dinner table, how is it that they themselves are so careful about living healthy, but that they have not reflected on what they feed their dogs?

They therefore sat down and began to review the contents of the dog food of the largest dog food manufacturers. It was a terrifying read. Several of the leading brands have low energy values ​​and with a low meat content from animals outside the EU where animal legislation is low. The rest of the ingredients are various additives and cheap fillers such as grains and vegetable by-products. They quickly learned that dog food today is therefore of very variable quality and it is difficult to know what their dog ​​is getting.

Dog food is part of a highly profit-maximizing industry, led by multinational companies where the companies often use additives and fillers to lower the manufacturing price and thereby increase the profit margin. They simply protect high profits before the best interests of the dog. This also happens at the cost of the dog’s lifespan.

They decided then and there that they had to change this. Together they started the company Furry Family. They think that as we humans care more about what we eat, we think it’s only natural that we become more aware of the diet we feed our best friends. No weird ingredient lists with dubious ingredients.

Over time, they have expanded their range of dog treats, fur care and accessories. All their products have in common that we never skimp on quality and climate compensation is a matter of course.

Furry Family’s shampoo is completely vegan, made in Sweden and tested on humans first. In close collaboration with the Swedish hair care company REF Stockholm, Furry Family has developed their entire fur care series with the aim of creating products that not only wash your dog clean, but also care for and strengthen the dog’s fur. 

All fur care contains vegetable proteins that strengthen the animal’s fur, softening aloe vera for the dog’s skin and softening ProVitamin B5. The pump bottle contains 500 ml.

Feel free to add the softening conditioner Healthy Dog Fur Conditioner as a supplement to the bath to help the dog’s fur become soft and supple.