Mr and Mrs Tannie was born in the love and worship of sun and the Amalfi coast.
Mr & Mrs Tannie takes you on a journey, from the soft breeze and luxurious vibe of Cote D’azur to the small corners of the world, breathing high end and playfulness.


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Face Duo Kit

A perfect duo of our gradual self-tan toner, non-tinted hydrating water and our moisturising, soothing 24H self-tan serum for a glowing sun-kissed face and décolletage.

All Around Glow - Gift Box

The All Around Glow Box –  includes 24h Tan Serum, a moisturising, soothing self-tan for the face. Self Tan Lotion, a tinted, smooth self-tan lotion for the body. And Self Tan Mitt that ensure an even result across the body. Creating that perfect and streak-free, even glow.

Scrub & Glow - Gift Box

Scrub & Glow Box –  Contains products that give your body the ultimate sun-kissed finish – on a professional level. This kit contains Exfoliating Shower Gel, a chemical peel with AHA and luxurious foam. The gel deeply cleanses the skin and leaves it soft. Exfoliating Mitt, used with Exfoliating Shower Gel to remove dead skin cells and prepare the body for the upcoming tan without sun product. Whipped Tan Mousse is a brown without sun mousse with a light formula that makes the skin soft, while giving it a natural sun-kissed tone.

Tanning Mitt

Soft self-tan mitt, helps ensure an even result across the body. Creating that perfect and streak free, even glow. The water–resistant barrier lining protects hands from staining and prevents the mitt from absorbing excess product.

Face Tan Water

Gradual self tan toner. Non-tinted hydrating water, for a glowing sun-kissed face and décolletage.
(It’s a game changer – we know…).

Self Tan Lotion - 150ml

Tinted smooth self-tan lotion. Leaving your skin feeling tight, silky smooth and naturally tanned.
(This might be the missing puzzle piece in your life – you are welcome…)

Clear Tan Mist - 200ml

Non-tinted bronzing mist, to get a flawless natural looking tan  and smooth glowing skin. Works perfectly without body shaving which has quickly made this product to men’s hero.
(Ladies, if you don’t want to share it – you better hide it…).

Whipped Tan Mousse - 200ml

Tinted light weight self tan mousse. For an amazing glow and natural looking tan.
(It will glow blow your mind – we promise…)

Foamy Body Butter - 200ml

Luxurious light weight body butter mousse. Use to prolong that gorgeous tan of yours, or simply for daily hydration.

Use every day and whenever you like!
(We know it is addictive…)

Exfoliating Shower Gel - 200ml

Swedish Beauty Awards Winner 2021 Hygiene Product!

A luxurious foamy, chemical peeling shower gel. Gives skin a truly deep cleanse and leaves it soft and smooth. (This is one of the things we’d take with us to a desert Island…)

24h Tan Serum - 75ml

Moisturising, soothing self tan serum. For sun-kissed, radiant skin that feels tight and smooth. (If you get extra complements for your radiant glow… feel free to blame us.)

Exfoliating Mitt

Exfoliating mitt designed to ensure perfect preparation of the skinUse before the next step in the selftanning routine. Buff away dead skin cells to smooth and soften the skin. Immediate glow and softness awaits! The mitt can be washed in 30° and is reusable.